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Steve & Trudy Hurd
Steve & Trudy Hurd
May 8, 2024.
The TrunkMate bunk arrived in perfect condition as it was very well packaged. Five stars!
Andrew Cripe
Andrew Cripe
April 30, 2024.
Easy ordering, responsive, shipped and arrived when expected and it is a great product. I’m using in a 2024 Land Rover Defender 110 with the third row. I added the extra support. It works perfectly - feels solid and will be great on overnight fishing and trail running outings where I just spend one night in the car.
Sarah Brock
Sarah Brock
April 21, 2024.
THIS is the Car Camping Outfit you want! Outstanding service and product. We have a 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness and ordered the double. It's a perfect fit, solid construction, with bespoke detailing that makes it beautiful and functional. Highly recommend the upgraded bed supports. Plenty of storage in the drawers as well as under the pull-out bed platform. Quite possible the best packed package I have ever received- double boxed to ensure it arrived safely (because we all know putting the word fragile on a package means they just kick it around with vengeance!). Everything you need to secure the bed to the car and the other bed is provided plus more. I'm an old lady and I was able to lift each bed (~30lbs) in and out of the car as well as carry them into the house for storage. The portability and flexibility is just remarkable. 10/10 stars. TrunkMate is The GOLD STANDARD of car camping outfits.
Adrian Gonzales
Adrian Gonzales
April 16, 2024.
I just took my TrunkMate out for a sleep and it's a fantastic experience. It smoothly levels out the back of my SUV and provides a sturdy platform for bedding. Folding it up and away makes it way easier to travel with and store in off seasons. The product itself is extremely well constructed of high quality materials, with great fit and finish, extra bolts for securing, tie down straps, everything you need. The shipping packaging was top notch, with lots of extra padding and corner protectors. The handwritten note from the owner was a great touch. You don't get this kind of care and attention to detail without supporting small businesses like this. After a few years of car camping, I wish I had run across this sooner, it truly elevates the sleeping experience. I wIll definitely recommend this to everyone.
Kaleb Sargent
Kaleb Sargent
April 6, 2024.
I'm so thrilled to have found TrunkMate and the BlitzBed. My experience working with Grant and the TrunkMate team is unmatched. Of course, the products are top-notch and well-thought-out, but the excellence doesn't stop there. Whether it's the fantastic craftsmanship, emphasis on the little functional details (e.g., adjustability or perfectly placed hooks), or quite simply the packaging for the included accessories that are clearly and cleverly labeled, the commonality is perfection. Grant has thought of it all and delivers exceptional customer service to complement the top-notch products. If you are considering building something yourself or another brand/product, consider a TrunkMate product instead. You won't be disappointed!
David Abbott
David Abbott
March 19, 2024.
This is an exceptionally well designed and built product. I have built two wooden boats and for different cars and vans have built a total of 4 different sleep in back beds. And I am confident I could not have designed something this well in all its minute details and I doubt I would had the patience to implement its many clever and efficient aspects. The materials are first rate and well thought out for strength and lightness. It is not a cheap solution to all the competing needs of a sleep in car setup, but it is the best one I have ever seen. My own needs, fine tuned over many iterations, is for a bed system that is lightweight, preserves as much headroom as possible, allows the secondary goal of allowing storage under the space that’s left, and deploys or removes without a ton of bother. That last attribute has become more and more important as I’ve had more and more experience camping out of a car or van that also needs to ferry around people sometimes. I’m tired of having to get the bed out of there and find a place to store it when I need to revert to a car. And then vice versa. The trunk mate bed platform does all of this. Allowing it to be deployed or put away even in the middle of a trip. Even daily or nightly. Without a lot of work. The customer support is great, with immediate responses when needed. And Grant is happy to talk through the product and your own needs as you investigate the pros and cons. I was unsure if the price tag would fully reflect the value but I can see why once I put it in my car. It is easily customizable to whatever pitch or unevenness you have in back. Or how much storage vs headroom you desire. And as noted, the workmanship is excellent. All my prior beds are obsolete. For reference it fits my 24 Subaru forester perfectly. I have 60/40 split 40”. Can deploy it in several ways depending on needs. And even when not being used is a handy platform to have in the far back.
Barbara McBride
Barbara McBride
March 7, 2024.
I just received my wide single trunk mate platform. I was so excited I was setting it up in my garage at 9:00pm. I couldn’t wait and it didn’t disappoint! Super eager to start camping this spring.
deborah shultz
deborah shultz
February 16, 2024.
I was looking for lightweight, functional and affordable. I found it in this product. Easy to install/remove/store. I appreciate being able to fold/slide back the front section to load a heavy battery and recline/driver’s seat. I am VERY happy with my BlitzBed.
Marie Guillot
Marie Guillot
February 15, 2024.
Perfect platform for my Nissan Pathfinder. So easy to work with, great customer service. Love it!
Lisa Ruiz
Lisa Ruiz
January 20, 2024.
I’d heard about the company and was checking there product out . I did have a few questions and decided to call . I’m pleased that time was given to me and questions answered . I did decide that I wanted to order the mini and placed my order right then . That was yesterday and I’m happy to say my order has shipped already . Can’t wait to get my bed and start my adventures .. with a bed and not sleeping on the back seat

Sizes for any adventure


The single sleeping platform is perfect for solo travel and when extra storage space is necessary.

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The double sleeping platform sleeps 2 comfortably with room for gear underneath the bed.

Sizes for any adventure

Single Beds

Choose a single sleeping platform if you only need a bed for 1 with room for gear beside the bed

Double Beds

Choose a double SUV sleeping platform if you need a bed that sleeps 2 with room for gear underneath the bed

Tested for 100% fit guarantee

TrunkMate is great for car camping boondocking roadtrips beach days picnics getaways adventures car dwelling

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Enhanced Organization

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Adjusts to fit your vehicle

Durable Construction

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Voted best Car Camping Sleeping Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Very safe. Think about tent camping where you’re exposed to the elements, the bugs, and the neighboring humans and/or wildlife. Now imagine that your tent is soundproof, lockable, and has wheels so you can just drive away in the middle of the night without packing up. That’s the benefit of sleeping in your car.

Not if you crack your windows at night! This will help aerate the car and prevent condensation from building up on the inside of your windows.

Solutions for sleeping in your car in hot/humid conditions:

  1. Crack all of your windows. Roll them all the way down if there’s no chance of rain. This will offer more airflow than you get in a tent. (Worried about bugs getting in? Cover the open windows with a set of window screens. These allow airflow in without letting the bugs in.)
  2. Mount a small battery operated clip-on fan to your headrests or ceiling.
  3. If you have a hybrid or fully electric vehicle, you can use the climate control without fear of draining your car’s battery.
  4. Sleep up off the floor of your car. Sleeping on a mattress right on the floor restricts airflow. When you elevate the mattress up onto a sleeping platform, it allows the mattress to breathe and air to circulate throughout the bed.
  5. Use a mattress or sleeping pad with a low R-value (little to no insulation). An air mattress is better than a foam mattress for staying cool.
  6. Invest in cooling bed sheets.

Note: We don’t recommend sleeping in your car during the day or before the sun goes down. If it’s too hot to sleep in a tent, it’s also too hot to sleep in your car. On extremely miserable nights, drive to a new location or get a hotel room for the night. Car camping, like any camping, is best done when the conditions are bearable.

Surprisingly, yes! With a little practice, you’ll be sleeping better in your car than you do in your bed at home! The excitement of waking up in a brand new environment without the hassles of traditional tent camping is next level! You’ve got to try it to believe it!

We encourage everyone to experiment with different sleeping options before investing in a sleeping platform. Depending on the shape of your vehicle’s interior, an air mattress on the floor may work fine in a pinch. Our customers, however, are quick to point out that their back seats don’t lay down flat. And there’s a gaping hole between the 2nd row seats and the 1st row seats. So a mattress on the floor makes for a lumpy bed with a drop-off on one end. And comfort aside, when you put a mattress on the floor, you have no room for your gear. By lifting the bed up off the floor of your car, you solve both problems at once.

PS, a raised sleeping platform also allows your mattress to breathe and offers increased airflow while you sleep!

You may have more headroom than you think! We’ve spent a ton of time optimizing our design to best fit your vehicle and maximize the amount of usable space you have while in bed. But at the end of the day, you’re still just sleeping in your car so you’re limited by the amount of available space your car offers.

Most folks use public toilets for going #2. But many will carry a portable travel toilet along with them for going #1, or in the event of an emergency. There’s not a whole lot of space inside most SUVs, so it’s common to set up a privacy tent or curtain if in a public space. You can buy portable travel toilets or make your own with a bucket, a trash bag, and kitty litter.

Our recommended weight limit is 275 pounds for single use or 500 pounds combined weight if sleeping two. The aluminum tubing we use is very strong and we have tested it to well above the recommended limit with no issues.

This recommended weight limit is a suggestion and is not based on scientific calculations. Please contact us if you have specific questions about this.

If the bed does break, we will make it right (read our TrunkMate Promise!)

Single sleeping platforms sleep 1

Double sleeping platforms sleep 1 or 2, depending on your sleeping preferences and the size of your mattress.