Hi, I’m Grant, founder of TrunkMate!

about us founder with suv camper conversion kit

Where it Began

The idea for TrunkMate started in 2018 in Yosemite National Park – a Mecca for travelers and adventurers. Excited visitors would roll into the park driving all sorts of adventure vehicles, from expensive RVs to beat up clunkers. But everywhere you looked, it seemed, people had a bed “built-in” the back of their vehicle…

About Us

Well I surely couldn’t afford a camper van, but I really wanted to live a life of adventure, so I set out to build a sleeping platform for my little Subaru Outback. This wasn’t a novel idea by any means, and I certainly wasn’t a gifted carpenter, but my humble sleeping platform proved adventure-worthy and I drove all around the country sleeping in the comfort of my vehicle in places I’d dreamed of for years. And the crazy thing was that whenever I’d pull into a trailhead and pop open my trunk, my sleeping platform would draw a crowd, and I’d hear people muttering how it’d be nice to have “one of those” in their vehicle…

Our Mission

And thus began the journey to make that possible. At TrunkMate, our belief is that anyone with a vehicle should be able to sleep great in their car and have room for all their gear. And it is my goal to get you out of the hotel rooms and overpriced campsites, and onto the road trip adventure of your life!

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